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Winter Camping: Basic Guide for Beginners

  Winter camping is a thrilling hobby and a favourite pastime for those who are eager to live on the edge. If you are an adventurous camper, willing to surrender your creature comforts and spend a night (or many) without modern amenities, consider giving winter...

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Guide: Buying a Lightweight Backpacking Stove

  There is a wide range of stoves available on the market so choosing the best lightweight stove for backpacking can be a challenge. These stoves range from all-in-one systems to general purpose units that can be used in different locations and temperatures....

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Caffeine Benefits for Cyclists (and the best Outdoor Coffee Makers)

At Cycling Off-Grid, I need my regular caffeine fix so I decided to look into the benefits of caffeine on cyclists and how best to achieve that fix when outdoors touring, camping or backpacking. Whether you need your java fix every day or not, caffeine for cyclists can have some awesome benefits on the trail–and some of us need our coffee even when we’re camping.

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Summer Camping Tips and Preparation Guide

  Summer camping is somewhat different than winter camping. They are both equally fun in activities and being outside but they are also equally dangerous if not taken serious enough. Whether you’re camping in the middle of January in a snow covered meadow...

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Guide: Choosing the Best Portable Camping Showers

  If your camping area doesn’t have a shower, then you should consider bringing along a portable shower (you can find the best portable camping showers here at Cycling Off-Grid). There are a few things you need to consider when buying portable camping...

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