Ablegrid GT021 Real Time Magnetic GPS Tracker Review

In this abblegrid GT021 real time magnetic GPS tracker review we’ll be looking at how it works, where you can use it and why it’s the best vehicle and camping gps tracker around. There are a whole range of GPS tracker devices available these days and finding the right one for your needs can be a little hard. Whether you want to track a fleet vehicle, follow a backpacker on their camping trip or make sure your teenager who just passed their driving test gets to school safely, this is the tracker for you.

What is it?

The magnetic hidden GPS tracker is a small device that can be secured almost anywhere to allow real time location tracking. The tracker works using GPS, GSM and GPSR technology.

You’ll find this tracker mentioned in most gps tracker reviews, and it usually comes pretty near the top! Due to its variety of uses and excellent features, it is highly rated within most of the best car gps tracker reviews you’ll find online.

It is also well noted frequently as the best camping gps tracker. If you search for ‘affordable camping gps tracker online’ you’ll see that the Ablegrid GT021 will often come up. So, let’s have a look at why!

How does it work?

One of the best things about the ablegrid GT021 real time magnetic hidden GPS tracker is that it doesn’t require any wires should you wish to fit it within your vehicle.

The tracker uses a powerful magnetic system, which allows it to be securely attached anywhere and everywhere. This is really useful as you don’t need to worry about the tracker becoming loose should you end up on a bumpy road, or say if you’re using the tracker to locate your suitcase there is no fear of it ending up rolling around loose inside. The tracker is very compact and easy to carry, making it perfect for any occasion.

The actual location tracking works, as previously mentioned, using a mixture of GPS, GSM and GPSR technology.

The GPS chip uses the latest technology, which means the tracker has a really high accuracy rate. Once you’ve purchased the tracker it is fitted with a SIM card, and this allows for SMS communication, as well as location triggering with a specifically set up paired mobile phone.

The tracker does have a monthly fee due to this GPRS system, but it is relatively low. The ablegrid GT021 Real time magnetic hidden GPS tracker can be used for real time location tracking, allowing a user to follow a vehicle or a person as it travels, as well as both one off and historical location tracking. Not to be overlooked is also the fact that this tracker has the longest battery life on the market, lasting up to 45 days!

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Where can this be used?

There are many different situations where a tracker such as this one is useful. The ablegrid real time magnetic hidden GPS tracker is a key piece of kit for both campers and vehicle drivers. The compact design and easy fitting magnetic system means it can be attached to the inside of a vehicle with ease, most importantly in a discreet way. This means it can be a great safety feature, allowing you to track the location of your car should it be stolen. The tracker is actually light sensitive, so should it be removed from the vehicle the owner would receive an alert!

The real time location tracking features also means this device is great for keeping a check on lorry fleets, the system can be used to locate individual drivers and keep up to date on their progress and targets.

Another interesting fact is that this device is great for tracking elusive teenager location. Parents can often be worried about their children out on the roads having only recently passed their test. This hidden GPS tracker is a great way to know where they are going and allow them to send out a message if they’re in any trouble. The tracker can even send an alert when the vehicle goes above a certain speed! We’ll look at that in more detail later on.

Perhaps one that wouldn’t be so obvious is using the magnetic hidden GPS device to monitor an elderly family member. The sleek design can be placed in their handbag, or even within a jacket to allow their location to be known at all times.

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This handy device can also help you out when travelling. If you’ve ever arrived at your holiday destination to find that your suitcase hasn’t quite made it with you, you’ll know how infuriating that can be! Simply place this tracker inside your luggage to know exactly where it’s ended up – probably before the airline does!

Finally, anybody going camping or backpacking can use this location tracking device to make sure their whereabouts are always known. This is a great way to ensure that should you come into any difficulty on your trip, people back home have an easy and precise way of knowing exactly where you are. It can also be fun for people to keep an eye on where you are on your journey!

As you can see, the possibilities really are quite endless. From tracking a fleet of lorries to easily locating your holiday luggage should it get lost in transit, this handy tracker is the thing you need.

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Useful Features of Ablegrid GT021 Real Time Magnetic Hidden GPS Tracker

This tracker has an array of features to suit different needs. Particularly useful if you are perhaps monitoring a teenage child who isn’t meant to be leaving a certain area, the ablegrid GT021 has a geo-fence ability.

Therefore, it can be set up to send an alert to the designated paired mobile phone should the tracker leave a certain area. This geo-fence feature can also help bring peace of mind to those tracking elderly individuals, where the alert of their movements to an unknown location could be a sign of unusual or dangerous behaviour. The monitor can actually track the person without interfering, so no need for any alert, which means that this can be done without causing any distraction or disruption.

Another great feature is over-speed setting. This one is great for those wanting to monitor lorry drivers, or again teenage children. It allows the person monitoring the vehicle to receive an alert when it starts to move over a certain speed.

Voice monitoring is also possible using the gps tracker, allowing any conversations within the vehicle to be heard. This is possibly one to be used with caution, however can certainly be useful in certain situations.

One of the highlights of this device for campers is the ability to easily send location details either using the tracker, or a paired mobile phone. Thus quick updates can be sent to let others know your whereabouts, or anybody unsure of where you might be on your trip can easily check in. Location checks can also be carried out using SMS, or via the verified app from a mobile phone, meaning campers and hikers can go off to perhaps more uncertain terrain with the security of knowing that somebody can always check their location.

Additionally, the tracker comes with a very handy SOS button which when triggered will send out an exact location to call for immediate action, or rescue if required.

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The Wrapped Up

The abblegrid real time magnetic hidden GPS tracker has a discrete compact design, a long lasting battery life and an array of intelligent tracking features making it a strong contender for best camping gps tracker, as well as one of the best vehicle trackers. The tracking possibilities are endless, from lorries to stolen cars, teenagers to the elderly, and campers to luggage. The benefits of this hidden GPS device, as well as its low initial cost and low monthly fees make this the perfect device for all your location tracking needs.

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