About Me

I am Stacy Peck, 39 years of age and from Boalsburg, PA.

My first experience on a bicycle was flying down gravel hillsides in southern France, whilst clinging to his older brother for dear life. Then came 25 years of not much cycling, during which education and a bit of work happened (mostly e-Learning).

Fast forward to 2010, I hit the road for a 9 month, 14000 km cycle through Europe, the Middle East and Africa. I had never done any cycling or wild camping prior to that. It turned out to be the most fun I’d ever had. 

After a couple of years saving up cash, I returned to the road.  Attempting to make it from London to the Far East (in one piece) using pedal power alone (with the exception of a cross channel ferry).

I started this website, Cycling Off-Grid, because I wanted to share my experiences and knowledge with regards long distance cycling and off-grid camping.

If you want to get in touch with me I’ll be checking my email or you can contact me here.

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