What are the Essentials When Cycle Touring?

What should you bring?

Here, on Cycling Off-Grid, is my list of the important things that you should not leave home without.

Are you looking forward to your next day in the saddle?

Maybe you are thinking about heading off on a multi-day bike tour. If you are, then you will want to make sure you have a kit that is going to have everything that you need and have it mapped out.


You will find that adequately equipping your touring kit is the key thing to having a great trip. You will need to remember you will have everything you pack with you. With most of the bikers, they only pack what they will need, and they make sure it is lightweight items only.

We have a list here of the must-have items you will need when you are going to be out biking.

1. Water (and lots of it)

This has to be the number one thing on your list! You cannot think that the shops will be open when you are thirsty, and you do not want to assume you will have a shop at your home. So you will want to make you have plenty of cages mounted on your bike. Then when you get a chance top your bottles off.

2. Food

This is going to be something that you need because nothing is worse than when your body runs low on energy, and you cannot go on.

3. Shorts with Padding

This is something that you do not want to have explained, but you will want to have some padding, so the seat is not uncomfortable while you are biking.

4. Puncture Repair Kits

This is something that you may not think you need, but you will find that a repair kit for punctures or chain breaks is essential and so is having a tool to fix your chain.

5. Extra Inner Tubes

This is something that you will want to have because having to push your bike home because the inner tube got a hole is never any fun.

6. Jacket for Rain

No matter where you are biking you will want to be prepared for the weather, and this may be something as simple as getting a rain jacket with you that is going to be waterproof.

7. Phone

While you may not go anywhere without your phone in your car, you need to make sure you are bringing this with you when you are biking as well as this can allow you to have communication with people. What else is nice is the phone can have a GPS system that makes it easier for you to track where you are going.

8. Map

This is going to allow you to have a chance to discover things that are near you. This is also great as it makes it easier for you to vary from your original route and not have to worry about losing GPS signal on your phone.

9. First Aid Kit

You will want to make sure you have one just in case, but also know how to use the items in it.

10. Cash & Cards

This is going to be something that you will want to bring in case you want to stop somewhere to get a drink, eat or want to buy something that you have seen in the countryside. At times you may find that you are not able to use your card and that means you will have to use cash.

11. Dry Bags

This is an excellent idea if you are bringing a change of clothes with you as this will help to keep your clothes dry when you run into any rain or snow or any other unforeseen weather issues.

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