Campfire Recipes: Cooking Chicken in a Foil Packet Over a Campfire



The warm weather is upon us and for many people, like us at Cycling Off-Grid, that means camping season is finally here.

Camping is one of the best ways to celebrate the great outdoors.

There’s nothing better than fishing, hiking and exploring the nearby woods to get acquainted with nature.

After the end of a long day, it’s great to come back to the campsite and relax around the campfire.

One of the most fun things about camping is cooking over an open fire.

Many people automatically picture roasting hot dogs on a stick or toasting marshmallows, but campfire cooking is more than that.

With a few simple ingredients, it’s easy to create delicious meals over a campfire.

One of my favourite ways to cook meals while camping is by cooking chicken in a foil packet on the hot coals of a campfire.

For a hot flavoursome meal, after a long day of hiking, try out this campfire recipe.

If you’re not going camping anytime soon, but still want to try cooking chicken in a foil packet, you can use your backyard grill or even your kitchen oven.



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Ingredients for cooking chicken in a foil packet:

  • 1 chicken breast for each packet
  • 1 chicken bouillon cube for each packet
  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • 1 package of heavy duty foil


Directions for cooking chicken in a foil packet:

  • First, chop up your carrots and celery into bite size pieces.
  • You can really use any type of vegetable for this recipe. If you really love peppers, feel free to add some.
  • It’s easy change the flavor of this chicken by mixing up the veggies.
  • Next, cut a large piece of heavy duty foil for each foil packet. It should be big enough to fold completely over the food.
  • To make each foil packet, first break up a chicken bouillon cube and place it in the center of the heavy duty foil.
  • On top of the broken up bouillon cube, layer the cut up vegetables.
  • Then place your chicken breast on top of the bed of veggies.
  • Finally, seal up the foil packets over the chicken. Fold the foil over both sides of the chicken and make an envelope with the foil.
  • Be sure to fold over all the edges to seal to packet so the just doesn’t come out.
  • You can also double up the foil if you want to be safe. Repeat this process for each chicken breast.
  • Cook the chicken in a foil packet by gently placing it on top of the hot campfire coals Cook for 15-20 minutes on each side.
  • After you open it up, make sure the juices are running clear and the chicken breasts are no longer pink inside.


Enjoy this delicious campfire recipe the next time you go camping.



If you don’t feel like heading out into the woods, just try in your backyard on a hot summer day when you don’t feel like cooking in the kitchen.

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