How to Maintain Your Camp Stove After Every Camping Trip



A quality camp stove can last for many years if properly cleaned and maintained.

There are a wide variety of camp stoves available, which means there is no single way or method that can be prescribed for proper cleaning and maintenance (you can read our selection of the best stoves for camping at Cycling Off-Grid).

Most stoves come with a manual that will explain how to take the stove apart for cleaning, the manual should tell you how to clean your stove thoroughly and explain that this should be done after each use or at least after each camping trip.

If you follow the instructions and become familiar with breaking the stove down and putting it back together, then cleaning each part becomes easy, you should also know what proper cleaning liquids an materials are to be used.

Make sure that you lay all the parts out in an orderly fashion on an open surface.

Then once they are clean transfer the parts to a clean surface to dry.

However, never attempt to take a stove apart if you are unsure or don’t feel comfortable, even with instructions in front of you.

If you are not sure, get help!

If you get a stove apart and can’t get it back together or lose parts you have defeated your purpose and will probably end up buying a new stove or at the very least have to pay to replace missing or damaged parts.

If the manual that came with your stove doesn’t give you the information that you need, the internet is a great resource.

Start by looking up the manufacturer online.

If it is a quality company that has been in business a number of years they will have a website and should have plenty of information about your stove.

Another great resource is YouTube, if you go to the YouTube website and type the name or type of stove you have in the search bar, in many instances there will be a video from someone showing how to properly care for and clean your stove.

Doing this research before you purchase a new stove is a great idea and will keep you from having to do it when you have the stove in front of you ready to clean.

Once you have all the information and instruction you need, taking your stove apart and cleaning grease, food particles and debris from your camp stove becomes an easy task and should be done after each outing.

Cleaning and maintaining your camp stove after each outing should insure many years of service and give you some wonderful camping memories.

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