Kahtoola Microspikes Footwear Traction Review

If you’re looking for something that can help you go that extra mile in cold conditions, look no further than the kahtoola microspikes footwear traction system.

Cold weather can hold an array of adventures for those who are prepared. And having the right gear means you can fully embrace all that winter has to offer.

Whether you’re a keen runner, avid camper or hiking enthusiast this footwear traction system is exactly what all keen outdoor adventurers need in winter.

A durable and convenient traction system, these microspikes can take any camping shoes to the next level making hiking, running or walking in cold conditions safer and more enjoyable.

In this kahtoola microspikes review we’ll look at why this device is one of the best camping tools you can find on the market, the terrain they can equip you for and the other benefits they offer.


How Kahtoola Microspikes Foorwear Work

The convenience of kahtoola microspikes footwear traction system is second to none. The microspikes feature a slip on traction system, lightweight and supple thanks to a combination of stainless steel and rubber.

The flexible rubber shoe harness fits around the shoe, and attached to this is a dynamic stainless steel chain which is adorned with specially placed steel spikes.

This innovative design using stainless steel means the microspikes are nice and light. Weighing around 11 ounces they are not too heavy to be carried in your backpack or pocket when walking those winter trails, ensuring you’re ready for any icy terrain.

The microspikes provide an alternative to purchasing winter grip camping shoes, hiking shoes or running shoes as they can be added to your usual footwear.


Wear Your Kahtoola Microspikes Footwear Traction Over Any Shoe

One of the great things about this camping footwear traction is the convenience and flexibility on offer. Unlike some other traction devices, they can be fitted over shoes of all varieties. The microspikes slip on easily, to be worn over your camping or hiking shoes, offering stability on winter terrain.

As they’ll fit over any style of shoe, finding the best camping shoes for men to go underneath your kahtoola microspikes footwear traction is easy. These days it’s simple to buy camping shoes online, with a whole range of options available.

If you’re in need of some inspiration you could check out a camping shoe buyer guide, or perhaps a list of best camping shoes under $100 – you may even find kahtoola microspikes footwear traction system noted within them.

Although not a shoe they are a key piece of kit for anyone wanting to spend time outdoors in winter months. It’s good to note that if the footwear you choose to wear is slightly bulky, such as a chunky style hiking or camping boot, then you may need to buy the microspikes a size up.


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When to wear your Kahtoola Microspikes

You might be wondering when the best time is to wear your microspikes. And what the difference is between these and other traction systems. So let’s have a look at what they can do. The camping footwear traction system is excellent for walking, running or hiking on packed snow or ice offering a fantastic amount of grip.

Wearing the microspikes allows you to feel a greater level of confidence, stepping forward without fear of slipping and falling. Having extra traction on more treacherous terrain allows for faster speed and covering more distance, who wouldn’t want that?

The small stainless steel spikes on the bottom of the traction system mean that areas where you would usually have to be cautious can be covered at a normal pace, thanks to the grip that these microspikes offer. In terms of the terrain the microspikes are at their best on mostly level hiking trails, rather than very steep ground.

The system offers the extra grip you need when your camping or hiking shoe isn’t sufficient anymore. We should also mention that this piece of gear isn’t just limited to hiking trails.

If you live in an area where the streets are regularly icy and treacherous in the colder months then these microspikes are equally at home around town! They can be worn anytime from walking the dog to traveling to work. The convenience of them means they can be put over your normal shoes and then tucked away out of sight once you go inside.


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Microspikes vs Crampons

You might be wondering what the difference is between the kahtoola microspikes traction system and hiking crampons. Both microspikes and crampons are useful in icy and snowy conditions. However when looking at microspikes vs crampons there are a few key differences to note.

Microspikes are the ones you need on more level terrain and will help you cover winter trails, such as running along a snow packed trail or hiking an icy path.

Interestingly, when covering icy slopes of a higher angle, for example climbing up icy rocks, you will want a longer and sharper winter traction aid such as crampons. Whilst excellent for winter trails, microspikes are too short to fully hold your body weight and so on steeper terrain they offer less security.

One of the key benefits of microspikes vs crampons, particularly for those who are just looking to enjoy hiking and running on snowy ground is that the microspikes fits over any shoes.

Crampons on the other hand won’t work with trail running shoes or softer hiking boots. Essentially both have their uses in the outdoor activities. Therefore it is important to select the right system to add to your shoe depending on what activity you’re taking part in.


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Lets look at Hillsound Microspikes

One of Kahtoola’s key competitors now is Hillsound who also offer a version of the microspikes. Hillsound Microspikes are also known as the Hillsound Trail Crampon, though they are certainly more of a microspike than a full on crampon.

This traction system have a similar design to the Kahtoola in that they have a flexible metal mechanism that fits over the shoe and then attached to this is a chain with spikes on it. Similarly to the Kahtoola camping shoe traction system, they can be worn over any camping, hiking or running shoe. And some say that the velcro strap make these even more secure than the Kahtoola Microspikes.

However, although a strong contender it is the Kahtoola that triumphs.

The Hillsound Crampons have slightly longer spikes, making them heavier than the Kahtoola Microspikes. And there have been some reviews of them slipping out of place.

Overall Kahtoola Microspikes are found to be lighter and the rubber fitting makes them more flexible and easy to wear. The system is so versatile and durable it really is hard to beat!


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My final words…

So to wrap up, Kahtoola Microspikes footwear traction system is the item of gear you need to face the outdoors this winter.

When you’re looking for security and stability in icy and snowy conditions, but a full crampon is too much, these microspikes are your go to.

Whether you want to go camping with friends and hike up icy paths, go running in winter on a snow packed trail, or perhaps even just walk your dog around town in colder months, these are the best microspikes under $100.

The system is lightweight, easy to wear over any shoe and provides excellent traction, ensuring grip on icy and snow packed ground when you need it. Throw them in your backpack or your jacket pocket and you’ll never find yourself caught out again!

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