The Lupine Lighting Systems Blika Rx4 Smartcore LED Headlamp

The latest in a line of sophisticated lighting solutions, Lupine has introduced the Lupine Lighting Systems Blika Rx4 Smartcore LED headlamp. This state-of-the-art device combines a lightweight design for wearers enjoying a wide range of activities with powerful lighting technology for a safe and effective headlamp, for all your night time adventures.

Whether you’re cycling at night, camping, fishing, rock-climbing or running, the headlamp can deal with all different types of terrain and levels of movement.

This premium camping device comes in at the higher end of the scale with regards to the price tag, but it isn’t without the long list of impressive features you’d expect for the money. The headlamp is fully adjustable and built using a combination of aluminium and uniquely innovative synthetic pads. And it also has Lupine-designed Velcro for a comfortable and secure fit.

Choose the colour of lighting to suit specific applications and have full and easy control of all functions and operations. With this you can get the level and direction of your light spot-on for a broad spectrum of movements.

The RX4 headlamp is a sophisticated option for those looking to purchase a high-end device. For more information on the features, design and everything the RX4 has to offer, read our Lupine Lighting Systems Blika Rx4 Smartcore LED headlamp review below.

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As with all devices in Lupine’s range of advanced headlights, the Lupine Lighting Systems Blika Rx4 Smartcore LED headlamp features a lightweight and easily-adjustable design to make it easy to use and to transfer between different helmets.

The device weighs just 250g including the battery and measures. The lamp display issues a light output of 2100 Lumens to give you optimum vision in all levels of darkness and across a range of activities. The innovative FrontClick setup means you can securely attach the device to your helmet quickly, and the FastClick battery compartment means you can change the device’s batteries within seconds.

The Blika RX4 is carefully crafted using aluminium and high caliber synthetics optimized for robustness and impact-resistance. The item’s compact design makes it easily portable when not in use; ideal for all outdoor excursions when you need to pack light, but without any compromise on the power of the lighting. Enjoy impressive far range lighting ideal for a wide range of night activities.


As you would expect from such a high caliber product, the Lupine Lighting Systems Blika Rx4 Smartcore LED headlamp is feature-rich and packed with innovations to enable a broad range of challenges at night time.

Fully Adjustable

One of the most prominent features of all Lupine lights is their level of adjustability. Whether you’re running at night time across rough terrain, or need a more subtle light to aid map-reading, the RX4 headlamp can be adjusted to suit your needs.

The light level can be quickly altered to far range and close range settings to suit your surroundings. Sometimes you need special lighting to identify your environment more effectively. With the Lupine Lighting Systems Blika Rx4 Smartcore LED headlamp, you can adjust the colour of the headlamp to the classic white, or special green or red beam depending on your situation. Red and green beams are ideal for fishing or night time animal-watching, as neither colour will startle wildlife.

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FRONTclick Lamp Mount and FASTclick Smartcore Battery Mount

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The headband of the device comes with the FRONTclick Lamp Mount and FASTclick Battery Mount systems. The FRONTclick Lamp Mount makes it quick and easy to attach and detach your lamp from your helmet without the use of tools.

The FASTclick Battery Mount makes it easy to change the Smartcore battery. Smartcore batteries are a distinctive feature of Lupine lights. Their smart technology enables the wearer to easily check the capacity of the battery whenever they choose. On the Lupine Lighting Systems Blika Rx4 Smartcore LED headlamp, the Smartcore battery is easy to mount and exchange with a replacement.

It’s easy to fix the RX4 headlamp onto your helmet. Attach to the helmet plate with a unique 3M adhesive pad or the simple and reliable Lupine Velcro system for quick interchangeability. If you’re looking to buy Lupine Lighting Systems online, please note that additional mounts, 3M adhesive pads, extra Velcro pads and replacement Smartcore batteries are sold separately.

Waterproof and Shock Resistant

Whatever the terrain or speed of your night time endeavor, this Lupine camping headlamp is fully waterproof, perfect for kayaking or rainy nights, and shock resistant to withstand heavy impact in most outdoor situations.

Bluetooth Remote Control

The device can be adjusted using a state-of-the-art Bluetooth remote control. This comes on a wrist mount so you can seamlessly adjust your headlamp without having to fiddle directly with the device.

Product Summary

For explorers who are serious about being active when it is dark, this multi-purpose device is a great addition to your camping gadget collection. Not only does this versatile device feature state-of-the-art components that make it durable for a wide range of night time activities, but its premium powerful beam and battery system mean that it is also a great device for staying safe when out and about in the dark.

For more Lupine headlamp reviews, check out their wide range of products available on Amazon and scroll down to see customer reviews. If you’re interested in exploring Lupine’s sophisticated range of lighting specifically designed for camping, why not browse the range on Amazon and make a Lupine camping light comparison?

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Lupine Lighting Systems

Want to know more about Lupine Lighting Systems, creator of the Lupine Lighting Systems Blika Rx4 Smartcore LED headlamp? This innovative company combine German-based production with innovation and are committed to delivering high caliber lighting solutions for outdoor sports and other activities to a professional level.

With over 25 years of experience in LED lighting innovations, Lupine Lighting Systems has honed the technology for the ideal outdoor lighting products and accessories, with the emphasis on durability and reliability to aid you on all your night time adventures. As well as the Blika range of headlamps, Lupine offer a wide selection of helmet lights, flashlights, bike lights, cycling accessories, and road safety accessories to make sure you are safe and have good visibility in all levels of natural light.

Lupine Lighting Systems products are available to buy directly from the supplier website, or from most large online vendors of electronics and sport equipment. If you need a Lupine Lighting LED headlamp replacement part, there are plenty available through Lupine Lighting Systems and Amazon.

Safety Tips for Night Time Activities

Whether you’re going for a run, a bike ride or taking part in a more extreme sport like kayaking or rock-climbing – if you’re engaging in any sort of night time activity you need to be extra cautious in the dark to make sure you stay safe.

Here are the best safety tips for night time activities, so you can enjoy yourself and stay safe and sound – however dark it gets:

Balance Battery Life with Brightness

You don’t want to get stuck on a night time adventure with a dead light. It’s a good idea to get the best level of lighting to suit your needs in the dark, without completely running the battery down. Find the right level so you don’t need to strain your eyes, but without being excessively bright and risking draining the battery life in the process.

Don’t Go It Alone

Night time activities are more fun with a partner. If you want to do your night time activity alone, make sure you inform someone of your whereabouts in case of emergencies.

Take Spare Batteries with You

If you’re going out at night for a longer period of time, you might want to take spare batteries with you so you can be sure to have a consistent source of light for your night time activity.

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Choose the Perfect Headlamp to Light Your Way

A high quality headlamp can make a huge difference to your night time excursions. Not only does a strong beam help to energize you by reducing strain on the eyes, but its many levels of adjustability mean it is ideal for all kinds of terrain and environment, whatever the weather.

Whatever your night time activity, the Lupine Lighting Systems Blika Rx4 Smartcore LED headlamp is equipped with the most efficient and effective technology to make your adventures smoother and safer.

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