Summer Camping Tips and Preparation Guide



Summer camping is somewhat different than winter camping.

They are both equally fun in activities and being outside but they are also equally dangerous if not taken serious enough.

Whether you’re camping in the middle of January in a snow covered meadow in Yosemite California or spending a weekend camping at Lake Wise Alabama in July you will have to be properly prepared for the possibility that anything and everything can and just might happen.

Here are a few things you can add to your preparation lists when you go camping this summer.


Choosing a Great Camping Site

There are several things to keep in mind when it comes finding a good place to camp but here are our top three (at Cycling Off-Grid).


1. Bathroom Facilities

Those who are new to camping sometimes think there will be nice facilities where they can shower for free as long as they like, have an abundance of privacy and take hot water for granted.

Not all campgrounds have nice bathrooms.

Some of them are down right gross.

Not many campgrounds have showers.

When you choose a campground, call the managers and inquire about the bathrooms.

Ask if they have showers, if not are there pay-for showers somewhere nearby?

These showers can range from 25 cents every 6 minutes to a flat $5 all day rate.

Find out how often the bathrooms are cleaned.

If you absolutely can’t live without your curling iron, blow dryer or other electric gadgets ask them if they provide electrical outlets.

Some RV owner’s plug in to these outlets with extension cords.


2. Pottable Water

Pottable water is water that can be used for consumption.

It’s always good to bring your own bottled water for cooking and drinking, that way you don’t have to worry about contracting lime disease or something worse.


3. Family Environment or Adult Playground

If you find your campground online be sure to read through the about us pages.

There are many adults’ only campgrounds throughout the United States.

If you’re planning on taking the whole family find out what kind of atmosphere is encouraged by the park rangers, the campground staff and other campers.

Some of the best family campgrounds provide outdoor movie theaters, classes, workshops and other activities for families and/or just kids.

Camping families sometimes like to mingle with other campers.

My kids have the most fun at Meadowview at Pinecrest Lake in California.

It’s a place where all the kids get together after dinner and play flashlight hide-n-seek or just hang out.

Pay attention to things like playground areas, community volleyball courts, horseshoe pits and paved areas for bicycles and skateboards


Make Lots of Lists

As soon as you decide where you’re going, sit down and start making lists. Make separate lists to help eliminate confusion.

Make one list for food, another for clothing and another for first aid supplies.

The more lists the better. I also like to make lists for dishes, sleeping necessities, grooming supplies, pet supplies and all the activity equipment.

It’s also important for kids to have lists so that they can feel like they are a part of the trip.

Give them a clothing list and activity list specifically explaining how many toys and what kinds of toys they can take.

Many kids carry iPods, cell phones, CD players, Gameboys and other electronic items for those moments where they’re too tired to do anything but sit around the campfire.


Dealing with the Heat

Just like you have to have proper clothing for cold weather camping, you also have to have proper clothing for hot weather camping.

Take plenty of shorts, t-shirts, sandals and a bathing suite, of course.

But in addition to that consider taking Sunblock, hats and sunglasses.

Spending long hours in the sun can cause heat exhaustion or sever sunburn. The head is no exception.

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